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This mail art blog re-circulates Ray Johnson's Follow Instructions Below. Originally published in the November 1971 issue of Arts Magazine, it was a "mailing event" cleverly devised by the artist in which recipients are asked to alter or add to a photocopy of Rimbaud.

March 11, 2010

From: Gant P.

Gant P. served up a whole lot of sex for The "New" New York Correspondence School. This man reeks of sex, of whiskey, of cheap cologne, of cigarettes. All things naughty and nice. I find his smoldering eyes, his perfect pout, and his tousled hair simply irresistible. Gant P. inscribed his portrait of Rimbaud with the words, "If looks could kill, you'd all be dead." No truer words could have been spoken because wow, this new and improved Rimbaud has killer looks.

When I asked Gant P. for the story behind the man, he admitted that the portrait sublimated his nostalgia for Baltimore's seedy culture, especially for the one-of-a-kind characters like gender-benders, drag queens, and pimps who haunt the local watering holes there. And Gant P. certainly did his own gender-bender-ing for the mail art: "I think what sparked it was how androgynous Rimbaud looks in that particular picture," he explained, "I suppose it's because he was young when the photo was taken, but he really looks like a cute lesbian." Way to butch up the French poet.

For more of Gant P.'s delicious art concoctions, please check out his blog.

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