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This mail art blog re-circulates Ray Johnson's Follow Instructions Below. Originally published in the November 1971 issue of Arts Magazine, it was a "mailing event" cleverly devised by the artist in which recipients are asked to alter or add to a photocopy of Rimbaud.

January 13, 2010

From: The Mystery Mailer

When I received this Rimbaud in the mail, it came unsigned on both the work of art and the envelope. (Cue dramatic music, please!) Therefore, it's shrouded in mystery and I've dubbed the author, "The Mystery Mailer."

This is a great take in my opinion. It's simple and thought-provoking. After I stopped thinking about who could possibly be the artist (!) and started looking at the image, this famous art quote came to mind:

"A line is a dot that went for a walk." -- Paul Klee

The artist decided that Rimbaud's two pupils would be fitting dots and then let the pen take a walk from there. One dot went for only a quick loop around Rimbaud's eye while the other went on quite the journey, tracing the contours of his face.

Well played, Mystery Mailer, well played.

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